11 Benefits of a Portable Power Station You Should Know About

11 Benefits of a Portable Power Station You Should Know About

In a world where we rely on technology to stay connected, a portable power station has become a valuable tool for those who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. Here are 11 benefits of having a portable power station that you should know about.

Have you ever experienced a power outage? Then, you know how frustrating it can be to carry out activities with a reliable source of power to light up your space.

Electricity is a daily necessity, whether in the house, on a camping trip, or outdoors. It fosters a convenient lifestyle. Then again, with a single American using over 300 million British Thermal Units (BTU), the energy consumption rate has increased drastically in the US.

The good news is that the US energy market has evolved. Today, energy sources like portable power stations ensure that you always have a backup source of energy, so there's always electricity available when you need it. That’s only the tip of the iceberg.

What is a Portable Power Station?

A portable power station is a standby generator. Technically, it’s not like the typical generator. Although they have different shapes, sizes, features, and costs like traditional generators, they look more like a giant radio or rechargeable Bluetooth speaker, with multiple plug-in outlets that helps you power electronic gadgets like TV, laptops, tablets, phones, and even drones.

Furthermore, unlike the typical backup generator, a power station is silent and rechargeable. They also allow a swappable system that delivers on-demand power supply thanks to their large powerhouse, up to 600Watts and 1200W peak power.

So, if you’re wondering what this device is, it is essentially a giant battery with high-capacity power used in situations of electricity outage to power up devices.

Why should you invest in a portable power station? Let’s find out.

1. Reliable Backup Anywhere, Anytime

The platform eco-system of a giant generator like this is its battery-powered life. It also operates a pure sine wave mechanism that converts DC into Alternating current. This means that when the light goes out indoors or you need electricity outdoors, portable power brings you plug-and-play convenience without you needing to connect it directly to a power outlet. How does this work?

All you need to do is plug in or insert the standardized modular U-Battery it comes with to generate indoor or outdoor electricity during a blackout.  

2. Compact Design Ensures Convenience

Well, we really can’t say much about this since the name says it all.

Battery-operated power stations are not called portable for no good reason. They are called portable because they are small, lightweight, and reliable. So, whether you need them during outdoor activities or on a long trip, you can easily pack your portable energy source in your small essentials bag for your outdoor trips.  

3. Keep Your Devices Charged

The last thing you want is a dead cell phone battery, especially when needed. A situation like this is most typically in an outdoor setting but is not uncommon indoors. This is where the portable powered battery comes in handy.

With its swappable battery feature, 100W Type-C Charging Port, and 2 USB-A (5A and 2.4A) ports, all you need to do is keep a charging cord available.

If you don’t, charging your devices still won’t be a problem. The best feature of a power station is its wireless charging ability. This giant battery can power a wide range of devices without a USB chord thanks to the 15W wireless charging feature. So long as you stay within this range, charging your devices is possible even without the USB cord.

4. Long Lasting Energy Supply

The most significant benefit of portable power station is that they don’t die.

Well, technically, they do, but their rechargeable feature means you can easily recharge them when they die.

You're probably thinking about how possible it is to charge these power stations when you will be using them outdoors. While portable power generators allow for AC charging at home, if you will use your vehicle outdoors, it's also possible to recharge them with your car adapter.

On the other hand, they are also solar-powered. What does this mean? Convenience at its peak. With the portable solar power system, just place them strategically and watch them act as a solar generator to power up your devices in the shortest time possible.

5. Charge Your Devices Fast

It's no fun to wait for more than 10 hours for your phone, tablet, or speaker to charge fully before your device runs fully powered.

The good thing about portable renewable energy sources is their high-speed and quick rechargeability which efficiently gets your device fully recharged in the fastest time possible.

Small power stations, like the Litheli B300, can recharge devices in only 3.5hours with the 100W Type-C PD fast charging port. Giant power stations, on the other hand, recharge your devices in less than 6 hours with the Type-C PD fast charging cord. This way, you no longer have to worry about your electronics charging at a snail's pace.

6. Keep the Environment Safe

Safety is paramount, whether indoors or outdoors.  

A major drawback of using a standby generator and many traditional power sources is that they are not eco-friendly, thanks to the fumes they expel from using fuel to run. However, power stations won’t harm the environment.

They operate a battery management system. Hence, they don’t require toxic solvents or fossil fuels to run. Battery-operated power stations are a reliable source of green energy.

7. Safe to Use Indoors

As mentioned earlier, these battery-powered generators don't expel harmful fumes or vapors. Neither do they make any noise, vibrate, or overheat?

Most people fear purchasing electrical equipment that may overheat and explode, putting them, their pets, and their kids at a safety risk.

Although most battery-operated devices are prone to these disasters, the best part of using a portable power station is that they come with a stability feature that prevents hazardous situations.

A good example is the Litheli B600 power station, which comes with an abnormality alarm that notifies you of malfunctions that may cause possible hazards. It also has an overheat protection system that ensures the power station is kept cool no matter the ambient temperature and long use time. These features make this battery-powered generator safe to use indoors.

8. Reduce Electricity Bill

Electricity bills are a thorn in the flesh. Imagine paying over $200 for electricity monthly. These battery-powered portable power stations remove some of the strain on your finances.  

For instance, if you have a camper trailer or use a separate building from your home for recreation, you can use this portable station as a source of electricity.

In short, you enjoy free energy!

9. Stay Connected even During Emergency

We live in an electronic age where almost every nook and cranny have experienced advanced technologies and while nobody plans to enter a place where there isn't a grid available sometimes, it does happen, especially during camping or on a hiking trip.

You don’t want to run out of power in these situations. Losing power means you won’t be able to contact people outside during an emergency.

A portable power station is a backup power supply that eliminates your electricity shortage anxiety. This way, you can stay in touch with loved ones, even during an emergency.

10. Efficient Energy Source No Matter the Location

You know by now that besides having a battery management system, these giant batteries are also solar-powered.

Many solar powers like the Litheli B300 and B600 come designed with solar panels to ensure high energy conversion, so long as the area has sunlight. Thanks to its built-in mono-crystalline silicon solar cells, the solar panel can convert up to 23% of sunlight into solar energy, generating 1.5X faster and more electricity than you need to power up your devices. But, that’s not the best part.

The fascinating thing about these solar panels is that they are durable and waterproof. They are usually designed with an ETFE-laminated case, which is durable enough to extend the lifespan of the solar panel. Plus, the ETFE-laminated case gives it waterproof capabilities to endure all weather conditions, especially during outdoor activities.

11. Self-Sustainable Energy Saves Cost

Not many traditional solar-operated power systems are self-sustainable. Even generators used today rely on fuel to function.

While a portable power station does rely on batteries to run, their solar panel features also mean they can work independently of batteries. Once they charge up, they will continue providing power during the electricity crisis.  


What are the chances that you go out of power? 100%.

Electricity outage is rare indoors but not uncommon. However, you can’t bank on having 24 hours power supply outside your home. From its reliable, self-sustainable, and cost-effective backup anywhere to its portable size, fast charge, and toxic-free features, a power station offers varying benefits no matter its size.

So, whether you have an electricity-free indoor space or are considering a camping, hiking, or long-distance trip, a portable power station is the best way to ensure you always have electricity when you need it the most.

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