7 Must-Have Cordless Power Tools for Woodworkers

7 Must-Have Cordless Power Tools for Woodworkers

Looking for some power tools to help with your woodworking? This guide will take you through the essential power tools you need to begin your journey from a novice to a master artisan.

Whether you take up woodworking as a simple DIY project or do it for a living, the tools you use determine the quality of your work. Over time, as technology has advanced, the type of tools used for woodworking has become more complex, but their basic functions haven’t changed. Traditional handheld tools are now being replaced by power tools which, while performing similar functions, are much more effective in design and performance. Power tools are a vital part of modern woodworking, and their importance cannot be overemphasized.

Looking for some power tools to help with your woodworking? You’ve come to the right place. This guide will take you through the essential power tools you need to begin your journey from a novice to a master artisan.

Corded vs Cordless Power Tools

While selecting tools to help you with your woodworking efforts, you’ll have to ask yourself, “Should I choose a corded or cordless power tool?” Both corded and cordless tools offer unique advantages; however, having cordless tools are more beneficial to woodworkers, and we’ll briefly explain why.

The first cordless power tools were made as early as the 60s, but their rise in usage has been slow due to limited battery technology; hence, many heavy-duty power tools like saws and drills remained corded. However, they have grown tremendously among novices and professional craftsmen in recent years as battery technology has advanced.

The main perk of corded tools is their dependable power. Since they are hooked up to a power supply outlet, they have a constant runtime and a greater torque than cordless tools, which have limited power supply. However, modern cordless power tools have gone a long way to reducing the power supply disparity thanks to lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, which hold enough power to match the performance of corded tools.

In addition to their incredible battery power, cordless power tools offer more flexibility and portability. Because they operate with batteries rather than power cables, they can be used indoors and outdoors and aren’t grounded to power outlets. They are also lighter and easier to move around during work, so you can climb with them and use them in tight areas without manoeuvring wires across the room.   

Must-Have Power Tools For Woodworking

There’s a near-endless list of power tools on the market you can choose from. However, some are a more fundamental requirement for woodworking than others. Let’s take a look at some of the best cordless power tools for woodworkers you’ll need to run your workshop:

Angle Grinder

The first power tool on our list is the angle grinder; not the most popular tool on this list but a must-have for woodworkers. Angle grinders are highly versatile and can serve a wide range of workshop functions like grinding, sanding, cutting, and polishing wood. They also come with detachable disks, which have varying uses. For example, the Litheli 20V angle grinder comes with five cutting disks and five grinding discs, making the tool versatile not just for woodworking but for metalwork as well, should the need arise.

Angle grinders rely on high-performance motors to help keep the cutting or grinding disk at a high and consistent speed. Hence, corded grinders have always been favored. However, newer cordless grinders like the Litheli 20V can now produce up to 8250 revolution/minute, making it easy to carve and cut through wood and more robust materials like metal. The Litheli angle grinder weighs just 3.5 lbs and has a 3-position side handle for easy portability and multiple working angles. Cordless grinders are durable and safe to use but can be prone to overheating due to their heavy motor function; however, the Litheli 20V grinder comes with an in-built cooling vent which ensures the tools stay at a safe temperature.

Impact Driver

Next up on our list are impact drivers. Impact drivers are often mixed up with drills, understandably so. But while they can serve similar functions, their makeup is different. A critical difference between them is that impact drivers provide more torque than drills and hence can be used to screw and unscrew tough fasteners that may be challenging for drills. While using a drill, you may encounter a situation where a screw or bolt won’t move anymore, even with the drill on full power or torque. This is where the impact driver comes in; its mechanism ensures the driver provides extra torque when it encounters resistance to help break loose stubborn material.

A common issue with impact drivers has been their force and speed, which is often too much for smaller screws like the ones you might find in cabinets. However, drivers like the Litheli 20V Impact driver come with adjustable speeds to help suit different fastening and unscrewing needs. The Litheli 20V cordless driver also has a high-efficiency motor delivering up to 130 NM. In comparison to drills, impact drivers are lightweight and small, and the Litheli Impact Driver is no different, weighing just 2.77 lbs, accompanied by its 3 LED lights, allowing you to work in tight and dark areas.

Hand Drill

The hand drill is perhaps the most commonly owned woodworking power tool. It serves a range of functions, including making holes in wood, steel, metal, and other materials. Drills can also drive screws and fasteners into walls and furniture. Like many other cordless power tools, the cordless drill is lightweight and battery-powered, making it useful in diverse situations like the outdoors, on roofs, on ladders, and in tight spaces.

The Litheli 20V Drill Driver possesses all these qualities and more, weighing just 2 lbs coupled with a flexible shaft for easy use. The drill also provides 18 + 1 torque choices to allow you to set the right amount of drilling force you need for a specific task. This device also has a 3/8” keyless chuck, which makes changing bits easy. All things considered, the hand drill should be one of the first tools you consider buying when opening a woodwork shop, and the Litheli Drill Driver would make an excellent addition to your toolbox.  


Saws are the most fundamental woodworking tools and are a must-have even to attempt woodworking. Saws are used for cutting through and shaping wood and come in various types such as jigsaw, circular saw, and mitre saw. Every kind of saw has unique uses, however, a reciprocating saw is as close as it gets to a do-it-all option. The reciprocating saw is also known as the demolition saw due to its strong cutting power on all materials, from wood to metal, plastic, etc. Hence it is most commonly used for demolition work.  

Despite this, reciprocating saws can also be used for lighter tasks. The Litheli 20V Reciprocating Saw comes with multiple blades to suit different sawing needs, from basic wood-cutting tasks to heavy-duty demolition, powered by its pure-copper motor that delivers up to 3000 strokes per minute. Demolition saws have a horizontal design, and their exposed blade is a safety concern. Still, the Litheli saw safeguards users with a lock-off button to ensure your actions with the Saw are safe and secure.

Pole Saw

As its name suggests, the pole saw is attached to a pole and is used to cut wood, branches, or vines that are unreachable from a standing position. They allow you to reach high targets without needing a ladder. Pole saws are mainly outdoor tools as they have little to no use with indoor woodworking. If you work on tall trees often, they're a handy tool to have in your collection. Litheli has 20V and 40V pole saws that efficiently saw off branches with a pole reaching 10 meters in length.


The final power tool on our list is the cordless chainsaw. Chainsaws are usually associated with heavy-duty tasks like hacking down large trees, but their uses go beyond that. They are a perfect substitute for handsaws as they provide a more efficient way of cutting wood. Their blades are battery-powered and hence require very little manpower compared to saws. They also make less noise and provide a cleaner cut for your wood. Litheli 40V cordless chainsaw is a great option for you to choose. They are ideal for cutting logs into firewood or more demanding tasks hacking down trees and branches.

Paint Sprayer

Paint sprayers aren’t the first tool you might think of as an essential part of woodworking, but they are a very valuable item to have in your workshop. Adding a coat of paint is the perfect way to finish off a project and not only beautifies woodwork but also helps preserve it. Litheli has 20V sprayers with adjustable nozzles and HVLP tech that atomizes paint. They can paint wood, metal, pipes, walls, etc.  

Why Choose a Litheli Cordless Power Tool?

Litheli is a leader in the power tools industry with appliances that run on clean energy. Litheli power tools have unique modelling designed for peak performance, and their cordless tools are highly portable and durable to be used indoors and outdoors.

Litheli power tools also come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which provide strong function power to the tools and are quick to recharge. They are also lightweight, weighing an average of 2 - 3.5 lbs, making them portable and easy to use.


Power tools are a significant investment for woodworkers, and there’s no shortage of options on the market. However, some tools are much more helpful than others, particularly for beginners or DIYers. The cordless power tools listed above will help make your woodworking efforts more productive and save you time and energy.

Like any product on the market, the quality of power tools differs; some are more functional than others depending on the manufacturer. For optimal performance, we recommend our range of cordless power tools. Visit the Litheli website today to learn more and purchase the right battery-powered tool for your woodworking needs.  

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