About Litheli

Litheli specializes in the design, development and sales of all types of battery-powered products, such as OPE, power tools, and home appliances.

As a company driven by technology and product design, Litheli has an in-house product development team of over 80 people and works with the most creative designers all over the world from both inside and outside the industry.

At Litheli, we constantly ask ourselves one question: how does the product help our users live an easier and better life? We believe this is the only question to focus on and everything else will just follow. Check out our battery-powered product family, and WELCOME TO A BATTERY POWERED LIFE!

Zhejiang Qili Amperex Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: Room 331, Building 6, No.1000 Airport Road, Haishu District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

Service Tel: +1 (800) 323-8991

Contact: +86 15306629610

  • Green power

    Litheli invites you to an eco-friendly lifestyle where magic happens within a pack of future. With a Lithium-Ion battery, Litheli makes a GAS-FREE choice available today.

  • Cordless power

    Litheli aims to disentangle your cord mess with a CORDLESS portfolio of power tools that enables maximum maneuverability and safety while retains adequate and reliable power supply.

  • Versatile Power

    Litheli presents a Lithium-Ion battery pack that is compatible with a whole same-voltage series which includes multiple power tools capable of one-stop service for garden & house care.

    • Max. 90 Days <br> Money Back

      Max. 90 Days
      Money Back

    • Max. 3 Years Warranty  <br>  On Battery & Charger

      Max. 3 Years Warranty
      On Battery & Charger

    • Max. 5 Years Warranty <br>  On Tool

      Max. 5 Years Warranty
      On Tool

    • Product Return

      Product Return