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Why You Need A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner in Your Life

Why You Need A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner in Your Life

Learn more about why cordless vacuum cleaners are better than corded vacuum cleaners. Also, get the best cordless vacuum cleaner at Litheli today.

Tired of having dirt in small spaces you can't get to or particles of dust and hair lying around that you would want to remove in seconds with minimal stress? Then you definitely need a portable cordless vacuum cleaner. Cordless vacuum cleaners are lightweight, portable, and efficiently remove dirt around your house, car, and even clothes.

What Are Vacuum Cleaners?

A vacuum cleaner is an electronic device that uses an air pump to lift dirt and dust off floors, drapes, and other surfaces. Vacuum cleaners help remove debris and stop dust and dirt buildup around your home and environment. Vacuum cleaners make cleaning so much easier and are one of the most vital household appliances used today. 

Various types of vacuum cleaners can be classified into corded or cordless hand vacuum cleaners. Of course, we are all familiar with the traditional corded vacuum design, which you can plug into a power source while cleaning around the house. However, a cordless or rechargeable vacuum cleaner takes the cleaning process to a new level. Allowing you to clean and get rid of dirt wherever you are and whenever you want.

A corded vacuum can sometimes be too difficult to carry around, especially if;

  • You need to clean your car,
  • Have pets to clean after,
  • Have dirt above the floor on walls or furniture,
  • Have allergies and need to keep your environment free of allergens.

Cordless vacuums can double as portable vacuum cleaners for cars and allow you to clean pet hair and dirt anywhere around your home. These portable dust busters also give users the benefit of not having to deal with maneuvering around a long cord while trying to clean.

Also, cordless vacuums like the ones we have at Litheli are made to be incredibly noise free and make the entire cleaning process as enjoyable as possible. Cordless vacuums are also safer to use with fewer electrical fires or malfunctions risks.

How Do Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Work?

The term "cordless vacuum" refers to vacuum cleaners powered by a battery pack rather than a cord that is plugged into a wall socket. Due to technological advancements, cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaners work efficiently and safely.

A cordless vacuum cleaner comprises several interconnected parts that work together to remove debris and dust from surfaces. These typically include:

  1. Intake port
  2. Exhaust port
  3. Motor
  4. Internal fan
  5. Drive belt
  6. Filter
  7. Collection chamber
  8. The power source (battery)

A cordless vacuum cleaner works through a suction mechanism, like a corded vacuum cleaner. However, because it is battery-powered, it does not require a direct electrical connection.

For collecting dirt, a removable collection chamber is used to store dirt that is taken up. This removable collection chamber replaces conventional vacuum bags that need to be discarded when they get full. Because of this, cordless vacuum cleaners save you the stress of getting vacuum bags.

When the cordless vacuum cleaner is charged and turned on, the motor is activated by internal electric current (the motor is attached to the fan, which has angled blades). The exhaust port is forced to move air forward when the fan blades rotate. When these air particles are propelled forward, the air pressure and particle density rise in front of the fan and fall behind it.

Suction (a partial vacuum) is created inside the vacuum cleaner when pressure behind the fan falls below the pressure outside the vacuum. Because the air pressure inside the vacuum cleaner is lower than that outside, the external air makes its way into the vacuum cleaner through the intake port.

There is a steady flow of air passing through the intake port and out the exhaust port as long as the fan is operating and the vacuum cleaner's opening is wide open. Any loose particles on the floor are disturbed by the friction produced by the continuous stream of air being drawn into the intake port and ejected through the exhaust port.

The debris is then carried into the vacuum cleaner's collection chamber if the pressure levels are appropriate. Some models also contain revolving brushes to increase friction and extract even more ingrained dirt from carpets and rugs.

Pros of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

  1. They are portable, lightweight, and easy to move around.
  2. High mobility and flexibility for getting into tight spaces.
  3. Easily detachable for cleaning.
  4. Long-lasting battery.
  5. Effective motor function.
  6. Suitable for various vacuuming needs such as home cleaning, car cleaning, camping, office use, etc.  

Why Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Are The Right Choice For You

There are several reasons why you need a rechargeable vacuum cleaner for your home, car, or office. These include;

1. Portability and Convenience:

Cordless vacuum cleaners provide better portability and convenience because they can be easily moved. That way, you can always clean on the go. They can properly clean various surfaces, including car seats, furniture, stairs, and deep crevices, which are otherwise difficult to reach or clean using corded vacuum cleaners.

Additionally, these portable vacuum cleaners are incredibly lightweight, depending on the model. Making it easy to have a handheld vacuum cleaner around whenever you need to clean.

 2. Suction Power:

Cordless portable vacuum cleaners have as much suction power as their corded variants. This high suction power allows cordless vacuums to pick up all the dirt from rough surfaces like carpets and rugs. Lithium-powered, cordless stick vacuum cleaners have a vacuum suction power range of 4,000pa to 10,000pa on average. This is ideal for home and upholstery cleaning.

3. Battery and Charging:

Rechargeability is one of the biggest highlights of portable vacuum cleaners for home use. Cordless vacuum cleaners are fitted with long-lasting high-voltage lithium-ion batteries that can be charged and allow cleaning for a long period.

In addition, Litheli portable vacuum cleaners are fitted with special U4 series batteries, which take minimal time to recharge. Charging capability allows you to take your vacuum cleaner anywhere you want.

4. Noise Generation

No one wants a noisy vacuum cleaner, and cordless Litheli vacuum cleaners are made to produce little or no sound while cleaning. It's normal for vacuum cleaners to make a little noise when on, but this shouldn't be uncomfortable for you or too loud. Generally, cordless vacuum cleaners produce less sound than their corded variants.  

5. Effectiveness:

Portable vacuum cleaners are highly effective and ideal for any cleaning. Depending on the model you choose, they are effective in picking up small particles of dirt, food, hair, and larger particles and dirt.

The Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners You Can Choose From

Litheli specializes in designing, manufacturing, and selling all battery-powered household equipment and tools. Litheli products are well-known for their high performance and longevity. For example, Litheli battery-powered cordless vacuums are eco-friendly and a technological hallmark. These products combine practicality and convenience to provide your home with effective cleaning that you will enjoy.

We have 3 different cordless vacuum cleaners built around being perfect for your needs and budget. These include;

Litheli U4 Series LiteVac Cordless Handheld Vacuum

The Litheli U4 Series LiteVac is a straight-lined cordless handheld vacuum cleaner that is ideal for cleaning around the house. It is excellent for removing lint from couches, tables, floors, and staircases and doubles up as an effective car vacuum cleaner. It is great getting dirt, dust, and pet hairs off car seats and floors. It is the best handheld vacuum, and you can carry it anywhere.


  1. Ultra-Lightweight: The Litheli U4 LiteVac is extremely portable and weighs just 0.75lb without the battery.
  1. Versatile battery: This portable vacuum cleaner comes factory fitted with a Litheli U4 series battery. This is a powerful 4Ah Li-ion detachable U-BATTERY with a U-shape LED power indicator, a 2-way Type-C port, and a built-in cable with lightning/micro USB/Type-C. This battery allows elongated use after each charge and doubles as a power bank, allowing you to charge other devices.
  1. Great suction power:This handheld vacuum cleaner has a brushless engine that produces powerful straight airflow. This suction is strong enough to pick up dirt from deep and tight filthy spaces. Also, a control button allows you to increase or reduce the suction to between 6000Pa and 10,000Pa.
  1. Double filtration:The Litheli U4 LiteVac supports double filtration. It has a high-hardness steel mesh cylinder and a detachable, washable, and reusable HEPA filter element for easy emptying and cleaning.
  1. High effectiveness:This portable dust buster contains two cleaning heads: a crevice nozzle for scrubbing hard-to-reach places and a brush nozzle for cleaning upholstery and linens.

Litheli U4 Series Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Litheli U4 Series Floor King Cordless Vacuum Mop is the ideal home cleaning assistant, especially if you need a little more power. The U4 Series Floor King is extremely effective. It can readily access difficult-to-reach places, nooks, and crevices for deep cleaning thanks to the versatile foot-shaped nozzle and brush nozzle.

In addition, the U4 Series Floor King supports 4-stage HEPA filtration technology and two suction settings between 6,000pa and 10,000pa. This efficiently removes dust, dirt, hair, and small particles from hard floors, stairs, automobiles, and furniture.


  1. Lightweight Design:Weighing only 3.55 lbs, Litheli U4 Floor King Cordless Vacuum Mop is easy to maneuver for one-hand cleaning.
  1. Versatile Battery:The Rigel Floor King Vacuum Mop is fitted with the U-battery from Litheli U4 Series. This battery can be easily removed and charged separately, supporting extended usage with each charge. Once pulled out, the U-battery can also work as a power bank to charge your phone and other devices.
  1. Has 3 Brush Heads: This vacuum cleaner is equipped with 3 brush heads (mop base, foot-shaped nozzle, and brush nozzle) for multi-scene cleaning. This allows proper use, no matter the surface.
  1. Ultra-low Noise:The Rigel Floor King Vacuum mop runs at an extremely low 65dB. Making each cleaning session convenient and noise free.
  1. Cordless and convenient:The Litheli U4 Floor King Cordless Vacuum Mop is a portable vacuum cleaner that can be used anywhere around your home, office, car, or outside.
  1. Space-saving:After cleaning, the vacuum mop can be hung on the wall bracket to save space. This helps keep the vacuum cleaner organized and within reach for the next cleanup.

Litheli U4 Series Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The Litheli U4 Series Cordless Vacuum Mop is an automatic vacuum cleaner with a 3-in-1 function for wet and dry surfaces. This vacuum cleaner combines strong suction with spray mopping for comprehensive cleaning. Litheli U4 Series Cordless Vacuum Mop can switch between modes to vacuum, mop, and wash surfaces depending on your needs.

One-button-off disposable mop pads keep your hands clean by preventing them from coming in contact with collected dirt. Also, two U-batteries are included with this piece of art to support longer powering and use.


  1. Vacuum Mop & Spray 3-In-1 functionality: This cordless vacuum mop combines water spraying, detachable-pad mopping, and 4000Pa-suction vacuuming in one lightweight stick wet & dry vacuum cleaner.
  1. Effortless to Use:The bare tool of this vacuum mop weighs only 3.84 lbs, making use very comfortable. Also, control buttons sit on the handle so you can easily switch between each cleaning mode.
  1. Longer Powering:This floor vacuum is powered by two Litheli U4 series 4000mAh batteries. These support up to 20 minutes working time. Once pulled out, the U-battery can also work as a power bank.
  1. Keep Your Hands Clean:This vacuum works with one-off mop pads, which can be removed by pressing a button, so you don't have to touch or wash the pad after chores.
  1. Extremely Quiet:Running at as low as 74dB, the Litheli U4 Series Cordless Vacuum Mop is noise-free and allows convenient use.
  1. Compact, Cordless & Convenient: The Litheli U4 Series Cordless Vacuum Mop is extremely compact and can be stored in small spaces.

Conclusion: Making the Right Choice

Cordless vacuum cleaners are convenient and can make cleaning as easy as possible. However, choosing the right cordless vacuum is influenced by factors such as storage capacity, the amount of space to clean, cost, and anticipated use. Additionally, the kind of equipment you buy will depend on how much you are willing to spend on a vacuum cleaner.

At Litheli, we offer eco-friendly cordless vacuum cleaners that are convenient, powerful, and long-lasting.

Need a vacuum cleaner that you can use anywhere at any time?

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