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Gas vs. Electric Lawnmowers - Cordless Option Stands Out

This article provides a detailed explanation and comparison of the variants as well as a guide to buying the right lawn mower for your home.

The first lawnmowers were made from wrought iron and had to be pushed from behind. It took a lot of power to cut the grass, and using these on thick grass was almost impossible. But like all else, modernization hit the lawn mowing industry to give us some powerful, energy and time-efficient gas- and electricity-powered machines.

These days, you can easily buy gas lawnmowers, corded lawnmowers, and battery-powered or cordless lawnmowers. This article provides a detailed explanation and comparison of the variants as well as a guide to buying the right lawnmower for your home.

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What Is The Difference Between Each Type Of Lawn Mowers?

Every lawnmower has one or more revolving blades on the bottom, and it uses to cut grass at an even height. There are different types of lawnmowers available in the market, but the top picks include:

· Gas Powered Mowers

As the name tells us, these types of lawnmowers use gasoline as fuel. They are similar to any other lawnmower but have a fuel tank and an engine, making them heavier. Typically, gas lawnmowers come with a 1-gallon tank size, and one complete tank fill is enough for mowing an average size home lawn. Gas lawnmowers are well known for their durability and power. They have a powerful motor which makes them ideal for grass or under any condition. The high-torque motor effortlessly cuts grass. However, they emit pollutants into the environment and are challenging to maintain.

· Corded Lawnmowers  

Corded lawnmowers are powerful, and they have a long-running time because of the constant power coming from the cord. However, the unlimited power supply results in a limited range. If you try using an extension to increase the power supply, the resistance will lower the voltage, overheating and slowing down the mower.

· Cordless/Battery-Powered Lawnmowers 

Battery-powered lawnmowers are the most common for domestic usage and are ideal for small to mid-sized lawns. They draw power from the brushed/brushless motor to the wheels resulting in easy maneuvering and agility.

Litheli cordless electric lawn mower

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) and lead-acid batteries are commonly used in battery-powered lawnmowers. Both produce adequate voltage, between 18 to 120 volts of power. Higher voltage means more grass-cutting capability.  Li-ion batteries typically have longer charges and store more energy than lead-acid batteries. In contrast, lead-acid batteries are considered more corrosion-resistant. Both batteries provide excellent charge timings, maneuverability, and efficiency.

Cordless lawnmowers do not have any cords or wire power sources attached to them. You don't have to worry about distance, maneuverability, or cords. Most cordless lawn movers come with adjustable features, including height. However, the area, emissions, and maintenance depend on the sub-types of cordless lawnmowers.

What You Need To Consider While Selecting The Right Lawn Mower 

We have discussed the various types of lawnmowers, but which one to select when buying a lawnmower? Before buying, make sure to compare the following factors:

1. Cost

Whether you are buying from Amazon, home depot, or any brand's website, the price of these mowers depends on the power source and type of lawnmower.

Gas-powered lawnmowers usually cost low than battery-powered lawn movers as they are comparatively old technology than electric-powered lawnmowers. They can start from $100 to $150 and range to almost $600. However, with great power comes loud noise and harmful emissions.

Electric lawn mowers include battery-powered and corded lawn mowers. Corded lawn mowers are cheaper than battery-powered lawn mowers as they have no battery or fuel tank. You can get corded lawnmowers from as low as $80-$100. In comparison, battery-powered lawn mowers are a little costly as they have the advantage of maneuverability, agility, and greater range. The battery-powered lawnmowers can range between a few hundred dollars to $2,500.

2. Utility

Manual lawnmowers like push and reel mowers require human effort, they are only useful when you have the energy to push, and there are less likely to do much damage to tall or thick grass. Still, reel lawnmowers are a good option if you have a small yard with short grass.

Otherwise, there are better options in the market.  

If you have a lawn mowing business or service provider, gas lawnmowers can provide significant benefits and utility. Commercial lawnmowers are powerful and can work on different grass lengths over a huge area. But high utility comes with noise and environmental pollution.

Electric lawnmowers can provide the best utility for residential and moderate commercial use. Battery-powered lawnmowers provide good ROI for home lawn mowing and can also be used commercially but in moderation. In contrast, corded lawnmowers offer the same benefits but with limited mobility.

Litheli cordless electric lawn mower

3. Range

The range is a crucial factor in buying lawnmowers. A mower with a smaller range will require higher cost and time expense. Reel lawnmowers have an unlimited range, but we can only put in a finite amount of effort, which limits their reach.

Corded lawnmowers have a lower range and are only suitable for small lawns. They do have a constant power supply by their utility is limited. If you try an extension, it will not provide many advantages, as we have discussed above. By adding an extension, you can damage the motor/engine of the mower.

Battery and gas-powered lawnmowers are ideal for long-range as there are no cords attached, and you can use them wherever you want. On a full charge, battery lawnmowers can last 30 to 40 minutes and provide up to 3000 square feet of grass cutting. With freedom of mobility and long engine running time, gas and battery-powered lawnmowers provide an excellent range. They are ideal for big lawns.

4. Power

The electric lawnmowers can have powers from 1300W to 1500W or 1.93 gross electric horsepower. The power factor depends on the brand and type of mower. Since reel and pushback lawnmowers have two engines in them, they are excluded from the power factor.

Gas-powered lawnmowers have two hp to 7 hp (around 1500W to 5000W) power. Because of their high power, they are ideal for more intense grass-cutting purposes.

If your lawn grass is high in length or it is often wet, you will need a high-power lawnmower-like gas-fueled version. However, letting the grass dry before using any lawnmower is best.

5. Safety

All lawnmowers are useful machines, but they are also dangerous. Because of careless lawn mowing, many people get scratches, deep cuts, broken bones, and other injuries. Regardless of the lawnmower type, it would be best if you always took the following safety precautions  

  • Always wear protective gloves
  • Wear protective googles
  • Wear shoes

You can prevent lawnmower injuries with precaution, timely maintenance, and concentration on your task.

Litheli electric cordless lawn mower

6. Maintenance

Reel mowers are relatively easy to maintain as they have no mechanical components and are compact to store. In comparison, electric lawnmowers require less maintenance compared to gas lawnmowers. Spring and summer are peak lawnmower seasons, so it is better to maintain them before the season starts.

Following are the things you need for a battery and corded lawnmower maintenance:

  • Repair the electric lawnmoweras per its manual
  • Check the cord for the correct power supply
  • Clean the deck of the mower
  • Clean and check lawnmowers  blades
  • Tighten the mower's hardware
  • Check the vent of your mower

Gas lawnmowers also need yearly or bi-yearly maintenance. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Before starting the maintenance, disconnect the spark plug
  • Clean the deck
  • Replace or clean the air filter
  • Check the mower oil and change it if necessary. Drain the existing oil and replace it with a new one.
  • Empty the gas tank
  • Remove the blades and sharpen them

How Cordless Lawn Mower Work?

Cordless lawn mowers are powered by a rechargeable lawn mowers battery, usually lithium-ion. The battery is connected to the motor which powers the blades. As you move the mower across the grass, it cuts and collects the grass clippings in a collection bag. The brushless motors have less lawn mowers parts but increased reliability than motor equipped brushes. It is highly beneficial for mowers working in harsh conditions.

Litheli Cordless Lawn Mower 13 Inch, 5 Heights, 20V Electric Lawn Mowers for Garden, Yard and Farm, with Brushless Motor

These mowers automatically adjust the blades speed when they encounter tall or short grass. It will increase the blade speed when it encounters tall grass and for short grass it will reduce the blade rotation speed.

Modern cordless lawn mowers come with several features such as adjustable cutting heights, mulching capabilities and variable speed settings that allow for more control over your lawn care needs. Some models also come with LED display panels that provide useful information about remaining battery power, cutting heights and more.

The key benefit of using a cordless lawn mower is that there is no need for an extension cord or gasoline — both of which can be difficult to manage.

Why Are Cordless Lawnmowers Leading The Industry?

Gone are the days when people had a tough time choosing between the electric-corded and gas-powered lawnmowers. Nowadays, users prioritize environment friendliness, soundless operation, and maneuverability, making it a no-brainer to choose cordless lawn mowers.

Moreover, cordless lawnmowers offer unique features and advantages. They are leading the lawnmower industry in the following ways:

· Quiet Operation

Cordless lawnmowers significantly reduce sound and noise pollution compared to gas mowers. They produce around 75 decibels of noise, while gas mowers produce 95. They are ideal if you live in urban and suburban areas. The best part is you can use it anytime you want, without disturbing your neighbors.

· Less Maintenance

Less maintenance is the biggest perk of cordless lawnmowers. In gas mowers, you have to replace most parts annually because of less maintenance. Lawn mower electric parts are more economical for replacing and purchasing.

· Easy Maneuverability

The battery-powered lawnmower has lightweight compared to gas lawnmowers because of the fewer components. You can easily navigate them and use them in tight corners. Gas mowers can weigh up to 90 pounds.

The main reason why battery powered lawnmowers are light is because there are no heavy lawn mowers parts like fuel tank, large engines, and extra attachments. The only weight you will feel will be of the batteries. Moreover, you get extra maneuverability that is beneficial for hilly and sloppy areas. 

· Environment Friendly

Gas lawnmowers emit toxic pollutants like hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen. The pollutants are dangerous for our respiratory system, and carbon monoxide contributes to global warming. Battery-powered lawnmowers are an ideal environment-friendly option. They use electricity as a power source and emit no pollutants.

However, you have to carefully dispose the battery when it has reached the end of its life-cycle. Do not throw it away in trash.

Which Cordless Lawnmower Is The Ideal?

Suppose you are looking for a mower with a high lift blade, precision cutting, and a brushless motor. The Litheli 20V 13" cordless lawn mower is the best option. It has a high-efficiency brushless motor and a 13" anti-rust, durable steel blade. Moreover, you can adjust the height according to your needs. It has an adjustable height of 0.98" to 2.56". It is suitable for small lawns.

Litheli Cordless Lawn Mower 13 Inch, 5 Heights, 20V Electric Lawn Mowers for Garden, Yard and Farm

If you want a cordless lawnmower that is more powerful and can cover bigger lawns. Then go for Litheli 2x20V 17" Cordless Lawnmower with Brushless Motor + 2*4.0Ah. It has the same advantages as mentioned in its small variant. It has 7″ rear wheels and 6″ front wheels for ultimate mobility and a 17" anti-rust blade. This mower is powered by 2 Li-ion batteries for double the performance.

Litheli Cordless Lawn Mower 17 Inch, 2 x 20V 4.0Ah Battery Lawn Mowers with Brushless Motor

The 20V lawn mowers battery can work with all 20V Litheli tools. It allows you to be more creative with the tools and use them with complete freedom. The 4.0Ah battery offers twice the power and capacity of a 2.0Ah battery. It also has more cells which means it has powerful performance than many other mowers.


The end decision of buying a lawnmower depends on your lawn size and mowing needs.

You will find a huge range of brands, sizes, and variants. However, your goal should be maximum economic and environmental benefits from your lawnmower purchase. The battery-powered lawnmowers are a strong candidate because of their modern features and time and cost efficiency. With timely lawn mowers repairs and maintenance, they will serve up to five years.

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Did you stop making the 20v4.0Ah batteries? They’re not listed on your website anymore and they are not in stock at neither the Amazon website nor on the Walmart website either.

Did you stop making the 20v4.0Ah batteries? They’re not listed on your website anymore and they are not in stock at neither the Amazon website nor on the Walmart website either.

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