Litheli Spring Trip Pack/2*4.0Ah Battery


Litheli Spring Trip Pack/2*4.0Ah Battery

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  • Effortlessly conquer any terrain with the 100% pure electric W1 Pro, featuring customizable speeds ranging from 0.6 to 1.3m/s, a spacious 200L capacity with a 132lbs load limit, and the ability to climb up to 10 degrees with heavy loads. All this, with rugged stability on rugged 8-inch tires and a compact, foldable design for hassle-free storage.
  • Experience worry-free travel with the U20 Power Station, featuring ultra-fast 59-minute charging, 1800W output, 1069Wh capacity, 3 recharge options, 14 versatile outputs, and a long-lasting LiFePO4 battery, all controllable via a smart app with real-time LCD display data for safety and convenience.
  • Enhance your outdoor experience with the Foldable Table Attachment for the W1 Pro, providing sturdy on-the-go convenience and creating your oasis of comfort wherever you roam.

Products Combo includes:

Litheli Electric Foldable Utility Camping Wagon

Litheli B1000 Portable Power Station with solar panel| 1069Wh 921Wh

Litheli Walnut Wood Egg Roll Foldable Camping Table for Outdoor Camping

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