Q: Can the battery be left on the charger?

A: Yes, our 40v battery and charger are equipped with a smart chip that will determine whether the battery is ready to charge or needs to be charged. Our smart chip protects your battery and charger to prevent overcharging to ensure the longevity of your battery's life.


 Q: Do I need to register to take advantage of the warranty?

A: No, your warranty is automatically activated upon purchase. For warranty claims, you simply have to provide your order id number.


Q:What type of oil do I put in the chainsaw/polesaw reservoir?

A: Bar & chain oil


Q: How long does it take for the battery to fully charge

A: 2.5AH battery charging time is about 50min


Q: Is the chain sharpened or needs to be sharpened before use?

A: The chain is ready to use after a 24 hour soak in bar and chain oil and does not require sharpening.


Q: What is the part number for the chainsaw’s chain?

A: The chain is produced by Oregon and the parts number is: 90PX052X


Q: What is the part number for the polesaw’s chain?

A: The chain is produced by Oregon and the parts number is: 91PX040X


Q: My 40V Litheli tool does not work, what’s wrong with it?

A: If the battery is blinking red and green on the charger, you may have a defective battery, please contact customer support at (323)530-4636 for a replacement battery.


Q: How long is the warranty period?

A: Litheli is offering 5 years warranty on the tools and 3 years warranty on the batteries.


Q: Does the same battery power all the tools?

A: Yes, Litheli’s 40v tools all utilize the same Litheli 40v battery.


Q: How do I contact customer service?

A: Our email is service@litheli.com and phone number is (323)530-4636.