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What is Litheli Drop Shipping?

✔️Drop shipping is the model without a middleman that offers the opportunity for retailers to hugely benefit by selling products directly from the manufacturers to the customers. 
✔️Retailers simply place orders on the Litheli website. Litheli will ship the products directly to the customers. Your profit is the difference between your selling price and the listed price of the items on 
✔️The more you sell, the more you earn, the higher your profit is!
✔️No minimum order. Buy as little or as much as you like. 

How it works

Step 1
Your Customer Place An Order From Your Online Store.
Step 2
You Then Purchase The Item From Us, And We Ship It Directly To Your Customer.
We Do Not Ship To Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska. We Do Not Ship Outside The United States At This Time.

Why Choose Litheli?

✔️No joining fee. 
✔️This allows you to sell a broad range of products with no investment. 
✔️There is no expensive inventory or warehouse to maintain. 
✔️You do not have to take the time to package and mail the merchandise. 
✔️You also do not have packaging material expenses when dropshipping.
✔️No minimum order. Buy as little or as much as you like.

What benefits I can get?

Lifetime Sales
(Non-Quality refunds are not included)

      Total Sales Discount

$3000 - $10000

Extra 5% Off $30+ Coupon* 1,
Extra 10% Off $100+ Coupon* 1

$10000 - $15000

Extra 5% Off $30+ Coupon* 2,
Extra 10% Off $100+ Coupon* 1

$15000 - $20000

Extra 5% Off $30+ Coupon* 3,
Extra 10% Off $100+ Coupon* 2

$20000 - $25000

Extra 5% Off $30+ Coupon* 4,
Extra 10% Off $100+ Coupon* 3

$25000 - $40000

Extra 5% Off $30+ Coupon* 5,
Extra 10% Off $100+ Coupon* 5


$40000 - $60000

Extra 5% Off $30+ Coupon* 10,
Extra 10% Off $100+ Coupon* 6

$60000 - $100000

Extra 5% Off $30+ Coupon* 20,
Extra 10% Off $100+ Coupon* 8


Extra 5% Off $30+ Coupon* 50,
Extra 10% Off $100+ Coupon* 20

Do you have any questions?

1. How can I Join?

First, please register on our website, then contact us ( contain the email that you register, and tell us that you would like to join our dropshipping program. Last, we will add you to our dropship group.

2. Which platforms can you sell your products on?  

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3. Do you ship directly and freely to our customers throughout the US?

Yes, all products on will enjoy fast and free shipment. We will ship the item from our US warehouse directly to the shipping address you filled in.